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Working primarily in following domains with highly specialized resources from respective field.

GIQAC: Your Partner in Sustainable Solutions

GIQAC is a pioneering service provider in environmental consulting, training, auditing, and certification. Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, UAE, we specialize in Green Building, Corporate Sustainability, Waste Management, and Regulatory Compliance. Committed to reliability and performance, we aim for a collaborative future with clients, offering concrete solutions for sustainable development.



Green International Quality Assessment and Certification will first assess the client’s inquiry and provide them with a questionnaire. Upon receiving the completed questionnaire, GIQAC will make a certification decision. If approved, a three-year certification quote will be sent to the client.

  • Contract signature
  • Pre-audit(optional):Gap analysis and diagnosis of your systems
  • Audit stage 1- initial visit: to verify the establishment and implimentation
  • Audit stage 2- Certification audit
  • Surveillance audits to follow the continual improvement
  • Re-certification after 3 years through full audit or continual assessmens

I have been dealing with Green International Quality for almost 5 years now and recommending the best service to provide the waste reduction reports at the best economical rate possible from the very first contact till the completion of your project. Complies with Tadweer and provide assistance throughout the process in the most convenient way possible.

Excellent customer service.