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Green international quality assessment and certification (GIQAC): pioneering sustainable corporate excellence.

Delivering a comprehensive range of services encompassing environmental consulting, training, auditing, certification across quality, environmental health, safety, energy, information & security, and food safety management systems.

Our commitment to certifying companies extends beyond the mere validation of their operational facets. We delve into the very essence of their corporate identity, emphasising reliability and performance while upholding the principles of privacy.


Operating with a resolute mission centred on sustainability and development, Green International Quality Assessment and Certification not only certifies but also actively imparts its vast knowledge and experience.Our overarching vision is rooted in the concept of coexistence with our clients in the future. 

As we forge ahead, we aim not only to certify organisations but also to foster a collaborative relationship that stands the test of time. Through sharing our expertise and insights, we envision a future where GIQAC serves as a trusted partner in the journey towards corporate excellence and environmental stewardship.

 Originating from modest roots and headquartered in Abu Dhabi, UAE, GIQAC swiftly diversified into areas such as Green Building & Corporate sustainability, Waste Management, Environmental Consultancy, and Regulatory Compliance Services.

We conceptualise concrete solutions aimed at reshaping your business for a brighter future. Our pride lies in delivering unmatched consultative, engineering, management, environmental, and sustainability services. In our pursuit of comprehensive sustainable development, we strive to strike an equilibrium among individuals, the environment, and financial gains.

our vission

To play a pivotal role in
the creation of a sustainable future

GIQAC is dedicated to achieving sustainable growth and prosperity in the global marketplace. Our commitment involves consistently improving quality, productivity, and value, while introducing new products to ensure customer satisfaction. We aim to contribute to an environmentally conscious, economically viable, and socially responsible future by meeting evolving client needs and expectations.

our mission

Offer specialised high-level professional services in the international market

We aim to provide customers with value-added services by managing their organisation’s systems in terms of Quality, Health, Safety, and Environmental standards. Our focus is on achieving cost and risk reduction, fostering continuous performance improvement. As part of our commitment to long-term collaboration, we envision coexisting with our clients in the future. This involves actively sharing our knowledge to contribute to their sustained success and growth.

Management Message

We go beyond traditional consulting—we’re the architects of a sustainable future. Our management message echoes our dedication to excellence in environmental and sustainability services.

As industry pioneers, our mission is straightforward: deliver top-tier consultancy services that surpass expectations and foster a healthier planet. We’re proud to offer innovative solutions, meeting client needs while paving the path for a more sustainable tomorrow. Join us in shaping a greener, more responsible world.